15+ People Whose Day Was Brightened Up Unexpectedly

2 years ago

Life is packed with beauty and joy. It only takes us to be open and ready to capture its little pleasures, and rejoice in the little moments of unexpected cheer that the universe throws at us every now and then. After all, the secret of a happy life is rarely found in high expectations, but lies in the continuous small treats.

Bright Side has collected 16 photos, where peoples’ days were suddenly brightened, in an attempt to inject a little cheer into your ordinary day.

1. “When your surgeon really loves you and makes you a heart-shaped bandage.”

2. “I bumped into this guy by accident when I went to buy a bag of chips.”

3. “I found this in my mailbox from my local bank. It made my day, and hopefully I’ll make someone else’s.”

4. “This lady was carrying a yoda cake on the metro last night, it made my day!”

5. “I found a $100 bill while changing my front speakers.”

6. “My egg had triplets.”

7. “I zipped my jacket to my hoodie perfectly without realizing.”

8. “The very first photo ever taken of my daughter; seconds after she was born.”

9. “I bumped into D. Blaine, I asked him for a trick. He gave me an unsigned card & walked off. Saw this when I got home.”

10. “My unexpected graduation gift. Thought it was one of those shirts with a fake money print on it at first.”

11. “My wife sent me a picture of this swimsuit she found for our daughter. Made my day!”

12. “My daughter mimicking my wife for the very first time.”

13. “I found this flower growing out of the floor crack in my flat.”

14. “I found a 6 leaf clover.”

15. “That time a butterfly waited with me for the bus.”

16. “I ordered one package of 3 pairs of Nike socks and Amazon sent me 6 packages. All for the price of one.”

Have you recently been flabbergasted by an event or news that made your face light up with joy? We’d love you to help us spread the cheer in the comments below.

Preview photo credit mykittentotoro/Imgur


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