20 Pics That Will Hand-Deliver Serotonin Right to Your Door

2 years ago

When tired or under stress, we instinctively reach out for something amusing and adorable to unwind and put a smile back on our faces. Snuggling baby animals, soulful pics of seniors, or toddlers doing their Toddler Thing — anything will do if it fills us up with good vibes.

Bright Side collected 20 photos that will surely turn you into a cuddle puddle.

1. “My local wildlife shelter had one of their raccoons manage to sneak over the fence and into the deer pen.”

2. “When your horse plays dead so you won’t ride him.”

3. “Only packing the essentials!”

4. “The signets at the park seemed to like being sat in a row.”

5. “The rescue said to take pictures that capture my foster kitten’s personality to help her get adopted. I just sent them these.”

6. “My grandpa still courts my grandma. He sent this picture to the family chat saying ’2 beautiful matching flowers.’”

7. “Obi-Wan found out the hard way that sand doesn’t taste so good...”

8. “Got to surprise Dad on Father’s Day after being separated by an ocean for 8 months.”

9. “Tasuke and Haku here to brighten your day a little.”

10. “Static electricity causing my boy’s hair to stand up”

11. “My son found a ladybug for the first time. Pure joy in a picture.”

12. “Our dog’s first time ever riding in a car. We had to make a special stop.”

13. “I put little straw hats on my cactus.”

14. “Had a big chuckle at this photo my wife snapped of our daughter and me. How are you enjoying building a nerd?”

15. “Baby deer we found napping in our yard (we didn’t touch it or wake it).”

16. “Finally caught myself a husband.”

17. “I think they are warming up to each other.”

18. “Be still, my beating heart.”

19. “My friend’s cat steals my heart every time.”

20. “I’ll never be too old to enjoy the tri-color foam at the car wash.”

Which pic was the most dopamine-inducing for you?


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a random cat at school, road, another country or my friends cat no mater what i will die if i couldn't touch it for at least 1 time


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