22 Things That Should Be Used Worldwide to Make Our Lives Easier

2 years ago

In the world, there are so many people who just want to cheer us up and make our life a bit easier. They create machines that dispense free Coke if you hug them and offer a free drink if you forego a hotel room cleaning.

Bright Side has collected 22 funny, extraordinary, and unique ideas that make our life easier, funnier, and even safer. There’s also a bonus in the end about an ordinary man who just wanted to help doctors save more lives and invented a unique device.

Pet store workers let this reptile out and put a sweater on it so that it doesn’t get cold.

Urinals that protect your shoes from splash back

This restaurant has metal straws to help the environment.

This library offers closed bags with books of different genres.

This coffee shop lets you borrow an umbrella and then return it for a free coffee.

“My hotel gave me a phone for my stay equipped with free worldwide calls and maps.”

The manager of this Japanese cat cafe greets guests.

“Germany has 24-hour meat vending machines.”

Most shops and stores are closed on Sundays and holidays in Germany and on weekdays everything’s closed after 8 PM.

DNA test in the U.S. that helps you choose another country to root for in the World Cup

A window in the airplane bathroom to help people who have claustrophobia

A KFC Faraday cage that cuts off your Wi-Fi signal so that you can enjoy your food

Disloyalty card from a group of small cafes

“The hotel I’m staying at gives you a free drink at the hotel bar if you forego a room cleaning.”

This playground has a sign so hearing and deaf kids can play together.

A baseball stadium that has a sunscreen dispenser in the bathroom

“My hotel came with a rubber ducky.”

This Coke machine dispenses a free can of Coke when you hug it.

This library has “Recently Returned” section so you can see what other people have been reading.

“A local restaurant gave me a band-aid for my hand and it was in the shape of a taco.”

Toilet stalls in this cafe have clear glass doors that fog up when in use.

These chairs at my hotel spell out ’HELLO.’

The message on the back of toilet doors at my gym

Bonus: the Odon device to ease delivery

The Odon device was invented by Jorge Odon to assist during difficult births. He was inspired by his colleagues discussing a method to extract a loose cork from inside an empty wine bottle by inserting a plastic bag into the bottle.

In complicated deliveries, the device is positioned against the baby’s scalp and the sleeve is gently inserted around the baby’s head. Once a marker on the device indicates that it has been positioned properly, the inner compartment of the sleeve is inflated, providing a strong grip on the baby’s head.

Delivery with the Odon device was attempted in women in Argentina and South Africa, all of whom had previously given birth and were experiencing uncomplicated pregnancies. The Odon device was inserted successfully in 46 of the 49 women, and a successful delivery with expulsion of the fetal head after one-time application of the Odon device was achieved in 35 women.

Have you ever seen anything or any places like these that you still remember? Why? Share with us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit World Health Organization


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