15 Photos From the Past That Give Us the Giggles

4 years ago

Thinking about your joyful memories can make you more optimistic and less anxious, according to research. Looking at your old photos can lift your mood and fill your heart with sweet nostalgia. Even better, sometimes we stumble upon photos we didn’t expect to see, like embarrassing baby photos or a funny vintage shot of our grandpa that makes us giggle for days.

Bright Side has picked 15 of these funny old shots people shared on the internet and we’re sure that they’ll make you want to go dig up your old photos.

1. “Grandma has been grandma since birth”

2. “Came across some old photos of a weird looking baby today at my parents’ house. Found out it’s me at 4 weeks.”

3. Turns out I didn’t get the “wear black to the family photo” memo AND no one told me my zipper was down.

4. “My dad as a kid. Made me chuckle.”

5. “My mom let me have a ‘Pimp’ themed birthday party. I was 10.”

6. “Found my sister’s old baby photo. Sorry Sis.”

7. “My grandfather dressed as a nurse at the beach and it wasn’t even a costume party.”

8. “My all-time favorite picture of my husband. He was 20 in this picture.”

9. “9 year old me was loving EVERY part of this photo, circa 2000.”

10. We wonder what made her so mad.

11. “My friends brother used to look like Bobby Hill!”

12. My wife, when she was 6 years old

13. “My brothers and I decided to try recreating an old photo for Mother’s Day.”

14. “I found a picture of me when I was 9.”

15. “My mom dug up this old photo of me in my homemade duct tape suit.”

Do you have any baby photos of yourself or your friends that make you laugh? We’d love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit ook_ook_the_gorilla / Reddit


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Number four is really sweet! Look at that little smile!


Am i the only one wondering.. how 15 is gonna get that off.. ??


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