8 Secrets Behind Well-Known Places That Only Few People Know

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Art truly has a purpose. Clever architects and artists behind world-famous landmarks have created marvelous masterpieces aside from the landmarks themselves. They created Easter eggs and hid them in plain sight. Maybe keeping us guessing their ultimate goal, or perhaps they built them for us to find out eventually.

Bright Side is all about uncovering secrets with our curious minds. That’s why we listed a few well-known places that might be hiding surprises once you give them a deeper look.

1. Secret chambers inside the Sphinx

Little do we know, the Sphinx is more than just a large monument in the middle of the desert. Experts say that it also houses very elaborate tunnels and chambers found just inside the block of the Sphinx’s side, leading down to the bottom of the structure.

2. A concealed street under the Charing Cross Road

Charing Cross was not how it used to be! The popular crossroad was built over an old street known as Little Compton. Remnants of the street can be seen as a utility tunnel covered with grills and railings along the bustling road where it used to be run through the city.

3. A tiny police station at a lamp post in Trafalgar Square

As one of the busiest spots in London, it must have surveillance and protection, and one of the architects for the place had a solution: to build an unsuspecting police station within the area. Although it is not being used anymore, it still casts wonder and draws the attention of a lot of tourists.

4. The mysterious Track 61 under The Waldorf Astoria

It would be unusual to hear track noises when staying overnight in a hotel. Well, this is not the case for The Waldorf Astoria in New York City, as its bottom houses the old steam trains from Manhattan’s long-forgotten Track 61!

5. A disguised hatch in the Leonardo da Vinci statue

Like Leonardo da Vinci, the sculptor behind the great artist’s giant statue was also fond of hiding Easter eggs in his masterpieces. Assen Peikov made the final touches for his work by placing a secret compartment containing parchments around the middle.

6. The underground tunnels beneath the Roman Colosseum

The colossal structure is home to rich Roman history. But it wasn’t until historians and archaeologists scratched the surface of the Colosseum that they dug up remarkable discoveries underneath the arena floor, including a network of intricate tunnels, called the “hypogeum.”

7. The eerie Cave of the Evil Spirit located at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one huge tourist attraction, surpassing New York and Canada. But there is another thing that’s common between the places, and it’s the Cave of the Evil Spirit, a chasm found in the Niagara Gorge. Legend has it that anyone who enters the cave will have bad luck follow them.

8. The private Club 33 at Disneyland

Disneyland is more than just fun and rides. It can have some sophistication too! Club 33 is a private club for Disney lovers present in various Disney Parks, where they offer unique experiences for its members. The club is so exclusive that it has a long waitlist of membership applicants, who all wrote a letter to be welcomed into the family.

Which places were you surprised to find here? Do you know more secret places in popular spots? Tell us in the comments!

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