15 People Who Can Stop Traffic With Their Unique Look

3 years ago

From being taller than regular doors to having uniquely colored eyes, some people flex extraordinary looks that make them stand out from the crowd. Even though we are all same inside, some of the special ones among us are built differently from the outside and they capture attention wherever they go.

People on the internet are sharing the physical features that make them unique and we at Bright Side have put together our favorites below.

1. “Yes I am taller than the door.”

2. “My daughter’s birthmark is an upvote.”

3. “I was born without finger or toe prints.”

4. “3 years ago I decided to stop using dye and let my hair grow. I wanted to embrace my grays and encourage others to do the same.”

5. “My daughter has different color eyelashes.”

6. “My sister has a missing Knuckle. Her finger still works but it’s just short.”

7. My newborn son is covered head to toe in white “fur.”

8. “My thumbs are toes.”

9. “Even Yoda is taller than me.”

10. “I’m partially blind in my left eye. It doesn’t show any ‘red eye’ in photos.”

11. “My daughter’s hair is falling out leaving a little mohawk.”

12. “6 months of letting the white streak grow out, embrace your patches!”

13. “My friend’s mother has gray and green eyes with a birth mark in one of them.”

14. “Met a new cousin yesterday with 6 toes.”

15. “My friend looks like Post Malone so I drew his tattoos on him.”

What, according to you, is your most unique and attractive feature?

Preview photo credit StoibJr / Reddit


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#8 - it's not toes, it's not that rare, it's a condition called brachydactyly. Megan Fox also has it.


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