18 People Who Got Into Unexplainable Situations

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The people featured in this article woke up one day, just like any other day, ready to face whatever the world had in store for them. But little did they know, their seemingly ordinary lives were about to take a turn for the bizarre. Check out this article to see what we mean.

1. “I wanted an iced coffee, and I got it.”

2. “This banana is so straight, it won’t fit into my banana box.”

3. “My tire after driving 5 hours on icy roads through New Mexico”

4. Some “hair” protruding from a just-peeled banana

5. “Raynaud’s syndrome (phenomenon) on my hand this morning”

6. As summer approaches, turning the balcony into a bedroom looks like such a nice idea.

7. “Combined urinal/sinks — the used sink water drains into the urinal.”

8. “The heating coils in my car’s emblem created a pattern after today’s snowstorm.”

9. A bison in the back of a pickup truck is a development no one could’ve expect.

10. “My pinky finger after showering 1 day after I burned it.”

11. “This drive-thru worker’s shelter on a rainy day”

12. In the parking lot, a pair of rainbows appeared side by side. True beauty!

13. “Found a salamander on a mushroom on my hike.”

14. The potato burst open while cooking.

15. “Ants got into this bag of chips I left out overnight.”

16. “My professor in college drew a map of the entire world from memory.”

17. “Lost pigeon in the middle of the pacific ocean”

18. “My work has feminine hygiene products in the men’s room.”

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The only immediately unexplainable situation might have been the hair looking protrusions on the freshly peeled banana, otherwise everything else is immediately explainable.


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