15 Sights That Only Sherlock Holmes Himself Could Figure Out

year ago

Our world is full of unexplainable mysteries if we look closely enough around us. Some lucky people have even been able to capture these confusing occurrences on camera. And while some of us find reasonable explanations for these pics, others believe that the universe is trying to send us a secret message through them. Whatever it is, we can’t deny that these types of snaps are captivating and that they stay engraved in our minds long after we first see them.

1. ’’The baby giraffe at the Oklahoma City Zoo’’

2. Weird cup

3. ’’My husband and our dog’’

4. ’’I nearly had a heart attack.’’

5. ’’My nephew apparently inherited his dad’s legs.’’

6. ’’I thought there was a massive hole in my bathroom sink.’’

7. ’’My sixth ghost finger’’

8. ’’My coffee and milk had the same shade of brown as my mug.’’

9. ’’I thought it was a stuffed animal...’’

10. ’’My dad and a sheep’’

11. ’’My girlfriend and my dog’’

12. ’’I thought this was a desktop background, but it’s just a reflection of our couch.’’

13. ’’Our dog, Charlie, looked like he was floating away.’’

14. ’’My giant toddler’’

15. ’’We moved into a new house and found there was a glitch in The Matrix.’’

Have you ever taken a photo of a confusing or strange situation? Do you always find explanations to these types of pics?


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