20 Unpredictable Findings That Could Make Anyone Feel Like a True Explorer

2 years ago

At the moment in which we least expect it to happen, in the least expected place, we often come across the most incredible things we could ever imagine we’d stumble upon. Sometimes, it is nature itself that hides these objects for a while. And, at other times, it’s just other humans who forget about a magical object that was left and appeared years later, if only to amaze those who would find it.

Many users have been fortunate enough to make some surprising and exciting finds, and Bright Side has compiled some of the best for you.

1. “Found this arrowhead while digging a hole in my backyard.”

2. “We tore up some carpeting in our house, expecting concrete, but instead found this ’70s masterpiece.”

3. “Took out the trash for 5 minutes and found this intruder in my house.”

4. “I found a pigeon with one feather sticking out of its head.”

5. “My (very neglected) rose bush bloomed into the shape of a perfect heart!”

6. “My cherry tomato turned over and had a naturally made number on it.”

7. “This snail with a cracked shell, who mistook the crack for an opening now crawls around like this.”

8. “This swirly dandelion I found”

9. “This dragonfly landed on my dragonfly tattoo.”

10. “Found this at my grandparents’ house.”

11. “Found a Stargate in the middle of nowhere near Linz (Austria).”

12. “The way the red portion of the spectrum is separated from the rest in this random hotel shower when the sunlight comes in.”

13. “Yo, these vines in my neighborhood look like an elephant.”

14. “I found an original 1985 Back To The Future skateboard at the back of my parents’ shed today. Shame about the condition but still great!”

15. “I went into the office for the first time since March 2020 and found the kiwi I left in my desk.”

16. “This GIANT dandelion I found on my walk today.”

17. “All the shark teeth my grandma found when she was younger that I now own!”

18. “Found a piece of newspaper in a toilet paper roll.”

19. “I found glacier water so clear you can barely see it.”

20. “I found this rock on a beach...with a hole in it...with a star inside the hole!”

What are the most unusual and surprising things you’ve ever come across? Tell us the story of how you found them and share your images with us.

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#3 peacocks are beautiful but when they scream its so annoying there were 2 in our area


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