16 Pics That Made Us Wonder If Our Eyes Were Glitching

2 years ago

It’s easy to put the blame on our eyes when we see an astonishing sight that our brain cannot fully process. Encountering 2 identical men side by side and finding out that they aren’t related can be disturbing. Or coming across a multitude of black cats in what looks like a cloning situation gone bad can be really creepy. Instead of panicking, it’s better to accept that life is full of secrets, and some are better to remain unexplained.

Bright Side is fascinated by situations full of mysteries that happen ever so rarely. We want to share some really surprising photos that will trick your eyes to the maximum.

1. ’’I found this on Google Maps. Please explain.’’

2. ’’I am on the train and those 2 ladies look the same but they don’t know each other at all.’’

3. The phone camera glitched out, making the arm disappear as a result.

4. ’’A group of black cats out in the wild’’

5. ’’I got to play with a pixel stick tonight and the batteries ran out, creating this glitched rainbow.’’

6. ’’I somehow managed to take this photo at the exact moment the balloon popped, so it looks like a balloon ghost.’’

7. ’’This photo I took of Christmas ornaments looks like I have some kind of effect on it.’’

8. ’’I encountered a glitch in the matrix today.’’

9. ’’A camera glitch makes this car look like it has 6 wheels.’’

10. ’’Thought the sky looked interesting in this photo from my trip to Belgium.’’

11. ’’Help! My bike spawned in a wall.’’

12. ’’Did I capture a glitch in the matrix?’’

13. ’’The composition of this photo makes my dad’s tiny red snapper look gigantic.’’

14. ’’I found my rug in the ’Call of Duty’ map.’’

15. ’’These 2 unrelated women with the same hair and shirt that I found at the mall.’’

16. ’’My friend’s leg looks like it’s oddly Photoshopped in this pic.’’

Have you ever encountered these types of mysterious situations? Do you think there’s always a reasonable explanation behind such sights?

Preview photo credit tinybeano/Reddit


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