25 Pics That Prove Imagination Can Bring Anything to Life

11 months ago

Inspiration can come from anywhere. For artists, the urge to create can arise without warning anywhere and anytime. That’s precisely what happened in these 25 cases: people let their inner talent emerge to prove that imagination can really change what a place looks like.

1. “I like the creative and fun vandals.”

2. A garbage frog

3. “Creative piece of chalk art on a street”

4. Dumpster with stand that now seems to come to life

5. “Mildly vandalised suburban railway station wall at Margit híd, Budapest”

6. The dancer put the fence to good use.

7. “Guess I’m not qualified to use this bathroom.”

8. Bicycle securing device or jump rope?

9. “Some of the old tiles in the underpass fell off.”

10. In case you were wondering what happened to the clock.

11. “A tribute to Bruce Wills found in my office area.”

12. Was that an air conditioner?

13. “Fancy automatic fire sprinkler”

14. Jasmin waits patiently

15. “The city says it will take at least 7 years to construct a bike lane, so we drew one in chalk.”

16. Tail in 3D

17. “A corner mouse chalk artwork”

18. Watch out, bees!

19. “An interesting skull discovered on a French city street.”

20. Their hair grows just like people’s hair

21. “Who knew Jerry the Mouse lives in Sacramento!”

22. Everyone saw a plant, he saw a dress

23. “Innovative wall art”

24. With a little imagination, everything comes to life.

25. “Northeast Minneapolis has lots of great little places.”

What is your favorite place in your city? What is so special about it?

Preview photo credit kwzrz / Reddit, anthonyhui / Reddit


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