20+ Women Flaunt Their Beautiful Budget-Friendly Wedding Dresses

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One of the biggest dreams that many women have is to get married in a beautiful dress, but this dream is sadly limited by the size of their wallets. Wedding dresses are not exactly famous for being “cheap.” It’s understandable if we take into account all the work and time dressmakers spend on them. However, personal finance shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to finding that special, gorgeous dress, and the girls in this selection know that better than anyone.

Bright Side knows that stunning and unique dresses don’t always have to cost a lot of money, and these proud women are proof of that. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature that shows a bride who got very lucky.

1. “Got married yesterday. Here is my $92 dress from Amazon and my homemade bouquet!”

2. “Dress was $170 on Etsy, cape veil was $170 on Etsy, and alterations were $170! Very excited for our small Airbnb wedding.”

3. “A $30 Salvation Army find! Fits like a glove, already altered to a 32” rib cage, has breast pads, and is the perfect length. Either the previous bride was my exact size or this was made for me."

4. “I can’t help but share my excitement over my dress. It’s a new Martina Liana in champagne and ivory that I found for $500 in total. I could not have asked for more. I am in love with it!”

5. “Dress was $100, the veil was $10, the earrings were $2, and the flowers were $25. I think I pulled it off well!!!”

6. “I said yes to the dress after almost losing hope, and I love it! $99!”

7. “I bought a dress for $94 on Amazon.”

8. “It was originally $154, was on clearance for $56, it was 50% off all clearance today, and I had $10 off for my birthday and another $10 off for shopping... So after all that, this dress, which is what I was looking for and fits perfectly, was $9! We’re just going to the courthouse!”

9. “My $70 wedding dress!”

10. “I said yes to the dress...and to 87% off! Bought it in a sample sale. So happy!”

11. “Originally $1600, bought for $750!”

12. “Found my dress at a local thrift store for $65.”

13. “Found my beautiful dress for only $25. Couldn’t be happier!”

14. “$200 at a thrift/vintage store and it fits perfectly! Couldn’t have designed a more ’me’ dress!”

15. “My vintage 1950s wedding dress (purchased from Etsy for $170 total) arrived today! Nothing extra was added for all this amazing skirt volume.”

16. “Found the dress of my dreams! $150 at Brides For a Cause, and when I’m done with it, I’ll donate it back to the boutique for another lucky bride to fall in love with.”

17. This is a $30 dress.

18. “As a plus-size bride, I never thought I’d find a dress I could feel pretty in. I took a chance on this beauty for $250 in floral print!”

19. “I found my dress for $70 and I’m in love. It just needs a little steaming and tailoring.”

20. “In ’the one’ for $260! So happy to finally have a dress!”

Bonus: “I’ll be wearing 2 wedding dresses, and I got them for free!”

How much did your wedding dress cost? Did you get it on sale? Was it inherited from a close relative? Share a picture in the comment section and tell us which of these dresses you liked the most!

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I can't believe the dress on number 7 costed 70$! That's nothing ??


At the end of the day what matters is us being happy, not how much we spend on our wedding day ?


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