20+ Treasures Found in Secondhand Stores That Can Encourage Us to Visit Them More Often

3 years ago

It’s often believed that to make a good purchase and get a quality product, it’s necessary to spend a significant amount of money. However, people with extremely good luck can find and purchase a luxury item for a tenth of its original price. How is it possible? They’re great thrift store hunters, and they love to share their findings on the Internet.

Bright Side decided to gather some pics from these users whose infinite luck allowed them to acquire very valuable items for a ridiculously low price.

1. “I found a Royal Albert 2002 ornament for $1.29 and a Limoges Marie Antoinette plate for $3.50 today at a thrift store.”

2. “An old silver and glass ring I got for $1.50”

3. “54 cents — one of my best finds ever! They’re real pearl earrings.”

4. “Found a pair of Céline sunglasses for 50 cents. I went back an hour later and found the matching case and cleaning cloth in a different tub for another 50 cents. They were all made in Italy and cost $265 in retail.”

5. “Got this beautiful ’80s shelf FROM THE GARBAGE. It took like, 3 hours to figure out how it went together, but it was so worth it.”

6. “This $10 side table with a built-in magazine rack was a gift from the mid-century modern gods.”

7. “A hunk of resin, rocks, and regret; it cost $5.99.”

8. “I found this chicken purse roosting at a charity shop!”

9. “Weekend finds 🙌🏽 🤓”

10. “Found this amazing vintage ’70s CC Filson jacket in a free pile on the street! Has no holes and is basically in mint condition! Can’t believe someone threw this out!”

11. “I’m so excited! It’s a globe cart and was only $30.”

12. “Ugg boots, almost new, and in my size! They were just $4.99 at a charity shop.”

13. “Thrifted this cute little jewelry-holder made out of what I can only assume is an orange peel. It cost $5. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the mysterious writing means!”

14. “I’m very happy to have found these rare-ish Jordans in my size for $44! I upcycled them and now they’re ready to wear.”

15. “I found this Klee print for $40, frame included.”

16. “I came across this. It’s heavy and I love the light it casts. I wish I could find more info on it. Alabaster? Marble? No idea, but I love it!”

17. “A Pier 1 picnic basket with a bunch of goodies! It was only $5.99.”

18. “$7 for the ’90s prom dress of my dreams!”

19. “I found this ’70/’80s vintage pure silk blouse for 50 cents at a charity shop!”

20. “Found this leather coat for only $50 at a flea market!”

21. “Definitely the most expensive thing I’ve gotten from my local thrift store. It cost $70, but I loved this table.”

22. “Found the wedding dress of my dreams (and in my size) for only $40!”

Do you think it’s a good idea to take advantage of secondhand stores’ offers or do you prefer to buy totally new items? What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made at a flea market or secondhand store?

Preview photo credit baltering_magdalene / Reddit


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I like that globe but I'm trying to live a more minimal lifestyle, so buying these kind of things that I actually don't need feels like a waste


These are so cute, I wish I had some secondhand store in my town... Guess I could try online shopping


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