15 Pics That Are Sweeter Than Sugar

2 years ago

Scientists believe we perceive things as cute because it gives us an evolutionary advantage. So basically, certain features in babies’ faces, like big heads and eyes, trigger our super-parenting mode, and we’re more likely to be more nurturing. And yeah, we can find these features in animals or even in inanimate objects. That being said, if you are ready to activate the nurturing part of your brain, look at what we’ve gathered.

Bright Side presents 15 pictures that are going to absolutely overload your scenes with their sheer cuteness and wholesomeness.

1. “We were worried about how big brother would take care of baby sister.”

2. “Dog-sitting my neighbors’ dog for 10 days — the first time he is allowed to sleep in a human bed.”

3. “This is the only acceptable item that can poke through between my seats.”

4. “From a little sister to a big sister in only 4 months”

5. “Her favorite place to sleep”

6. “My 102-year-old grandma frying herself some chicken for lunch”

7. “Camping with golden retrievers”

8. “Athena and my son, sharing a sunbeam”

9. “My grandpa won first place in a Christmas costume party!”

10. “The squirrel-friend was not ready for the jump up to the nineties today.”

11. “My grandpa and his medical alert dog”

12. “3 months vs 9 months, still his favorite chill spot”

13. “My 2-month-old son in his new outfits”

14. “Added a bit of flair to my son’s helmet today! Go Minnesota Wild!”

15. “Bentley and Bridget, unrelated but inseparable”

Which of these captured your heart the most? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit bunnnnnnnyx / Reddit


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