15+ People Who Refuse to Live a Dull Life and Make the Most of Their Days

2 years ago

Oftentimes, we’re so trapped in our daily routine that we forget what it’s like to take pleasure in the simple things in life, or even to create those little moments of diversion ourselves. And part of that is making unusual, daring choices and, sometimes, even crazy ones!

We at Bright Side are in constant search for outlandish moments. And today, we decided to inspire you with this list of eccentric folks that absolutely know how to turn a dull day into an exciting adventure.

1. “Just Shrek portioning some broccoli for the annual swamp potluck.”

2. “All the gear we’ll be carrying on our 2,700 mile hike up the Pacific Crest Trail!”

3. “I made my cat a little sun hat out of his own fur.”

4. “Years ago, my friends and I molded starbursts into other shapes for fun.”

5. “If you have 2 moles next to each other, you can pinch your arm so it looks like an elephant.”

6. “Today I made the alphabet out of pretzels.”

7. “Baked Turtle (It’s bread.)”

8. “A rotting kiwifruit sat on the water pipes located in the stairwell at work. I was bored, so I turned it into a mascot.”

9. “I made the Dreamworks guy using a leftover pancake I didn’t eat.”

10. “My employee has a shoe backpack.”

11. “When you’re bored at work and only have a binder clip, an X-Acto knife, and an eraser”

12. “My dad made a solid oak secret door for people to discover on their walks!”

13. “I made a little tower with my vitamin tablets and I actually balanced a pill on top!”

14. “After growing my beard out for months, my friends and I decided to have fun with it before I shaved it off.”

15. “Something my friend made with staples while he was bored in class”

16. “Every year, I get my cat a pillow for her adoptaversary.”

Have you ever found yourself doing something unusual just to step outside your routine? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Periodic_Disorder/Reddit


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