15+ Times Newlyweds Wanted a Non-Standard Wedding Cake and Bakers Delivered

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White icing, buttery roses, and tiny newlyweds as the topper are probably the first things that come to mind when you think about a wedding cake. Some brides and grooms, however, look for something more extraordinary for their special day. Black icing instead of white, cute little skeletons as the toppers, and even a cake resting on octopus tentacles are just a few non-traditional wedding cakes that some newlyweds wanted to see on their tables.

We at Bright Side found 15+ sweet creations from Reddit that are breaking all wedding cake stereotypes, and they’re amazing.

1. “I made my best friends’ wedding cake. They got married on Halloween.”

2. “A little Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween wedding cake I made for a friend of mine.”

3. A wedding cake that is resting on octopus tentacles

4. A Star Wars-inspired wedding cake

5. “Halfway to Halloween and halfway to one year married — it’s the best time to share my DIY wedding cake.”

6. “My fiancé surprised me with a hobbit hole cake at our wedding!”

7. How about 2 cute cows representing the bride and the groom?

8. A wedding cake for fans of the gothic aesthetic

9. “A WALL-E themed galaxy mirror cake I made for my friends’ wedding”

10. This cake combines the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter, the Death Star from Star Wars, and the Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh.

11. “I made a wedding cake for my partner’s sister.”

12. “We decided to have a hamburger wedding cake to celebrate our elopement.”

13. “The wedding cake I made last month, including handmade gum paste flowers!”

14. “A Gatsby-style wedding cake for some friends”

15. One more Halloween-inspired wedding cake

16. “The cake and cupcakes I made for my customer’s Game of Thrones-themed bridal shower.”

17. “I hosted a Harry Potter-themed rehearsal dinner for my son’s wedding, and I thought y’all would appreciate the cake!”

What do you think about these wedding cake designs? What cake did you have at your own wedding?

Preview photo credit AlpheccaD/Reddit


All of these are absolutely fantastic but the starry night and snitch one is just too good😍

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