18 Groovy Designs That’ll Steal All of Your Attention

2 years ago

Even a faucet in a shopping mall can be unusual and eye-catching, and just washing your hands can bring you unexpected pleasure. It feels good when we find something outstanding in our daily routine. Daily patterns get broken, and you might even develop your own unique ideas.

We at Bright Side appreciate people with open minds, and we want to share 18 pics that can inspire you to create something unconventional.

1. “Poster for a local nail salon”

2. “It seems like a good idea for someone who likes cats.”

3. “A brand new housing complex in Amsterdam, Netherlands”

4. “Floating” bed

5. “Take only what you need.”

6. A rare design for a door

7. “The door handles outside of a local yoga studio”

8. “Faucet at the mall”

9. “Accordion windows create mini outdoor spaces.”

10. “This storage building is shaped like a box.”

11. “The steel gate is made up of pliers.”

12. “The chairs in my garden are made out of shopping carts.”

13. “This person has a trash chute made out of trash cans.”

14. “My office break room is styled like the inside of an airplane for some reason.”

15. “This faucet that dispenses water from the top”

16. “A street sign in Spain with a nose on it.”

17. “Cool little mosaic I came across today.”

18. “Ball chair”

Which design did you like the most? How often do you visit thrift stores to find something unusual?


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