15+ People Who Inherited Something Much Cooler Than a House by the Seaside

3 years ago

For some people, inheriting property or a big amount of money means hitting the jackpot. However, some things, which cost much less than apartments and other expensive items, can turn out to be just as valuable and precious outside the financial world. All because these souvenirs, household items, and even knick-knacks take us back to the past and help us learn about a person who used to be an important part of our life.

We at Bright Side wondered about the interesting things people have inherited from their loved ones and been surprised by.

1. “This beautiful tiny violin was always on the piano at my grandmother’s house. As a child I loved gently taking it out of its case, pretending I knew how to play.”

“When my granny passed away I inherited this stunning instrument. On special days I take it out to admire it & remember her.”

2. “I inherited this chess set and table from my grandfather.”

3. “We inherited a cat... His name is Pumpkin but we also call him Pig Cat.”

4. “I just inherited this moon globe from my late grandmother.”

5. “I inherited a century-old cast iron waffle iron this Christmas. It still cooks amazing waffles.”

6. “My new Keystone Olympic standard 8mm film video camera, inherited from my great-grandfather.”

7. “I think I may have inherited Jimmy/Saul’s watch from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.”

8. “Today we inherited my boyfriend’s Grandfather’s vinyl collection.”

9. “My uncle’s 56-year-old tortoise he inherited from my grandparents.”

10. “I’ve been fascinated by this paperweight of my grandpa’s for as long as I can remember. Today I inherited it.”

11. “A real-life Pandora’s Box. A gentleman that immigrated to my state from eastern Europe, built it and kept only what he could fit in it.”

“He then sold it to pay medical bills. Which is when my granny bought it. I just inherited it.”

12. “My wife inherited this table from her grandpa. She thinks it’s called a skittles table... but can’t find much on what it is or how to play. ”

People in the comments said that this table is for bar billiards. Unlike the regular one, the players score by driving a ball into the holes in the playing surface, not the side or corner pockets.

13. “My friend’s ring watch she inherited from her grandma!”

14. “Inherited this amazing chess set from my father. Just thought I’d share it.”

15. “I inherited this necklace from my mom. I just found out it has a secret — there is a pointy mini metal arrow inside.”

It’s a perfume bottle, the arrow is for dabbing the perfume. © raineykatz / Reddit

16. “When my grandfather passed away I inherited this. Needs some work but my grandpa had good taste.”

17. “My friend inherited a narwhal tusk from his grandfather.”

Have you ever inherited anything from your relatives? What was the most memorable or unexpected thing that you got?

Preview photo credit bethshurt / Reddit


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