15 Lucky People Who Got Service They Never Expected to Have

2 years ago

Sometimes we receive bad service, sometimes it’s good. And some manufacturers or business owners treat their customers with real care as if they are their own children.

At Bright Side, we hope that there will be more similar examples of kindness in the future, which are much more pleasant than golden toilets or expensive truffles.

“In an Arab hotel, they put a small box with ‘little luxuries’ along with the toothpaste.”

I opened it just now. There were 2 pantyliners, band-aids, and Alka-Seltzer inside.

The best cappuccino is made in Buenos Aires.

This is a real treat for those with the painful periods. These are sanitary pads with a warming effect.

“They delivered our pizza slightly crumpled and late, but it was delicious. I decided to leave a review, and they offered me another pizza for free.”

“The seller packed my AliExpress order with heart-shaped bubble wrap.”

“Tampons, deodorant, hand cream, and individual terrycloth towels. And all of them are in the toilet of a regular café.”

“A robot cat waiter at my local restaurant”

“There is a service in Tokyo that allows you to order a coffee with the help of a messenger, and then pick it up at a specified time.”

“I was choosing markers from a box. The sales assistant brought me another box, saying, “You look so inspired, take another one!”

“At the end of our vacation, the waiter brought us a hand-written recipe. Guys, it’s really tasty!”

Free tampons and sanitary pads in the bathroom

“I was sitting alone, so a waiter came up to me and put this baby on my table to keep me a company.”

“In the middle of the night, we found out that a delivery service in Tokyo provides a code for 2,000 yen.”

We put up an order in a hurry while it was still available. This is what we got for 26 yen ($0.23).

“Extra gifts from the seller”

“We had dinner and said to the waiter that the mutton was a bit too salty. He replied that he’d bring us some complimentary fruit.”

This is what we got!

Have you ever received a service that surprised you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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I was at a department store 1 day. I wasn't happy with a service I received, so I put a complaint in and I received a gift voucher


These are excellent examples of services above and beyond the norm. The cappuccino from Buenos Aries definitely looks like the best I've ever seen and the ccomplimentary fruit from the restaurant looked like a buffet for a group. Those two are even more exceptional.


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