15 Hilarious and Mildly Intriguing Moments Shared by People This Week

5 months ago

We’ve gathered 15 of the most curious moments that people shared on the Internet this week, and some of them are eyebrow-raising enough to rival a trip to Pluto. While we can’t promise they’ll ever return to Earth, one thing is certain — these photos will either put a smile on your face or leave you in awe.

1. “The way my father-in-law pulled painters tape (left) vs me (right).”

2. “The toilet in my doctor’s office has a metal tube at the bottom.”

3. “My 10-year-old Chihuahua is experiencing male pattern baldness.”

4. “My 3 item receipt from CVS is longer than my dog.”

5. “Sticker in my taxi says the driver is single and open to flirting.”

6. “I ran 1 of 3 identical mugs through the dishwasher and it came out discolored.”

7. “Found this voluptuous carrot at the grocery store.”

8. “This sidewalk just ends at this huge bush.”

9. “Tiny hammer and enticing button with no explanation in my historic apartment building.”

10. “It’s so cold in Chicago that the top of the Willis Tower is frozen.”

11. “Found an absolutely absurd amount of 30+ year old cans in the attic above my garage.”

12. “Got an x-ray while wearing a menstrual cup.”

13. “The shower door in my hotel has a random hole in the middle.”

14. “I found a tree stump full of old coins.”

15. “Looks like something fell into the snow on my back deck.”

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Preview photo credit thewanderbot / Reddit


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