21 Times Kids Did Their Homework That Had Us Laughing Hysterically

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3 years ago

Homework is one word that disturbs any school-aged kid. It has a way of making kids stressed, sleepy, upset, and most of it just seems so unfair. But instead of letting it get them down, some kids have pledged to “work smarter, not harder.” And we must agree, they’ve got the right idea.

At Bright Side, it was a difficult task to pick and choose a few of these homework tasks done by kids. Be ready for an overdose of laughter.

21. Let’s be honest...

20. This kid might be a fan of Timon and Pumbaa.

19. Slow clap for his thought process

18. Another Belieber

17. That’s a good piece of advice.

16. This kid has an attitude.

15. This is the teacher’s fault for asking such an obvious question.

14. Well, at least this kid has good drawing skills.

13. Never thought it could be that simple.

12. Very funny, Peter!

11. Mr. Lonely

10. That’s one smart kid.

9. We bet you’re singing along.

8. Wait, what?

7. This one was easy.

6. That’s innocence.

5. Kids are listening to lot of music these days.

4. At least he knows about global warming.

3. Poor giraffe

2. This is coming from an emotional child.

1. Rude!

These were just some of the snippets that we found. Let us know in the comments below if you would like us to share more.


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honestly i would do the same, but just to the where i hate the teachers, bc this way i would annoy them


This was funny, I can't believe the kid wrote "T starts with TiTs", and the teacher was probably laughing when correcting the grammar error


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