20 Random Acts of Kindness That Would Lift Anybody Up

2 years ago

Meeting people who, in their daily lives, do good deeds for others, especially strangers, may seem strange to us. Some people are very self-centered and suddenly find it difficult to step out of their bubble to offer help. However, there are special moments when someone’s acts of kindness make us realize that there are still people whose kindness could exceed all of our expectations.

Bright Side recognizes these actions, even the small ones, that have a positive impact on the lives of many people, and here we will show you some of them.

  • This couple gave my kids all these tickets. They said they just like to play the games and their grandkids all live far away. I think I’ve found my new retirement plan.
  • So this happened yesterday at work. I work at a Ross store, so I’m used to customers randomly approaching me asking for assistance. Anyway, a customer came up to me and said, “I just wanted to tell you you’re pretty.” She then turned around and walked away. I did thank her but I honestly was a bit surprised, one, because of the out-of-the-blue compliment, and, 2, because of her wording. Pretty is an odd choice considering I’m a guy. Nevertheless, it brought a smile to my face and just made my day better. I was excited to share the story with a few friends and coworkers. Thank you random person I appreciate it and I will pass on the kindness. © TheCosmicFox92 / Reddit
  • Nailed a job interview a week ago. Got the rejection letter today. Came home to this sweet note from my husband. I totally cried when I saw this.
  • I have been struggling so much for the last 3 months with just everything. Struggling financially and job-wise, mentally, and physically. This morning I went to get groceries with my last $50, and the woman in front of me paid for my $35 in groceries. When I burst into tears and told her how this was my last $50 and how I’ve been feeling so down. She offered to get me more, but I declined and told her that this already meant so much to me. Later in the parking lot, she gave me a jar of homemade jam and wished me well. I just had to share this with someone. © pearberry- / Reddit
  • A couple of weeks ago, while looking for lumber, I came across a couple needing this very nice playset removed, offering it for free on Craigslist. A bunch of communications and logistics but my daughter gets to give this jungle a second life. I gave them a gratitude box from our tiny farm that the kiddo made.
  • I’m trans (ftm) and my family isn’t very supportive of really anything I do, especially transitioning, except my brother. Today, he asked me to be his best man in his wedding.
  • A couple of years ago I hung a shelf on my fence to put small free bouquets on. I ask people to ’pay’ by performing their own small acts of kindness for others. Lately people have been leaving me things, including a sweet bouquet and card, and a small painting of the bouquet someone took one day.
  • I got a flat tire today. Instead of letting me pay a hefty bill, my brother came and changed the tire for me, in no more than 2 minutes. He is amazing. © TheCatholicLovesGod / Reddit
  • Sweet patient. I had told a woman from my workplace that I liked her earrings last week. Today she came in with a set for me that her friend made. Absolutely brightened my whole day!
  • This morning I was randomly pulled aside by a lady and her husband. She literally followed me across the store to track me down so she could talk to me. They said anything the kids (6 and 3) needed, clothes/school supplies/shoes, they’d buy it for them. We had just bought them new clothes though so I graciously declined that offer. But it ended up being one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Hundreds of dollars of stuff. My son got to pick out a nice backpack, better quality pencils, and they both got new shoes. So many school supplies. And coloring books for my 3-year-old. © zestycake / Reddit
  • The concierge who received my package put a smiley face on it. Many will think it’s silly, but it really did brighten my evening at the end of a long work day.
  • I have an umbrella I keep in the car. Several years ago my abusive boyfriend kicked me out (I was pregnant at the time). I was stuck at the subway station with no money and nowhere to go. A kind lady stopped, gave me her leopard print umbrella, and helped me find phone numbers for shelters. A few other people stopped to give me bus fare. I’m in a much healthier place in my life, and that umbrella will always be in my car. © _fuzzy_owl_ / Reddit
  • A place we ordered from threw in some drinks for free. I’m not gonna lie, today I was feeling a little down and this randomly helped.
  • Spotted this on my way to work and I cried a little. I’m a grown man and my eyes were wet.
  • While I was waiting for my bus back home a little old lady gave me this chocolate bar, smiled at me, and said “they were only 4 for a £1 and I won’t eat them all love... Enjoy.” and then wandered off. Random... But made my day.
  • When I was 3 years old I was stuck in a rainstorm on Parramatta Road with my dad while visiting Sydney to buy a car. This lady ran out of her house to give us an umbrella. A simple thing, but we have never forgotten about it and talk about it often. The umbrella stayed in the car for many, many years and gave us happy memories every time we used it. Hopefully, this inspires people to do a simple act of kindness if the opportunity arises. © ANJ-2233 / Reddit
  • I shoveled up a mountain of trash yesterday!
  • Asked the pizza place to send us a menu since we just moved to the area, they sent us a message!
  • Found on my daily walk. Have a nice day.
  • Today my friends and I assembled 50 care packages, including blankets and socks, and handed them out to the homeless in our city.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a stranger’s act of kindness, that you haven’t forgotten? Tell us about it in the comments.

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