18 People Who Discovered the Reverse Side of Online Shopping and Learned This Lesson for Good

3 years ago

When ordering something online, we usually have a clear idea of what we want to receive, and we do our best to choose the correct size and quality. But even if we try to foresee all possible pitfalls, a mishap can still happen. This is what happened to the heroes of today’s selection, who were very surprised when they opened the box with their long-awaited order.

At Bright Side, we realized once again that you should be prepared to expect anything from online shops and delivery services, and these photos just prove it.

“My dad bought a drill online. This just arrived.”

“Instead of my Christmas gift, the online store delivered an industrial supply of single-ply toilet paper.”

“Lesson learned to not order anything in a glass bottle that will be shipped via a delivery service.”

“I ordered wheels for my truck. Only 3 came.”

“Mom thought she ordered a size 6 in women’s, they’re actually a size 6 in toddlers.”

“What we ordered vs What we got (featuring my dog)”

“I ordered 11 of these. This is how they came.”

“I ordered the robe of a millionaire’s wife.”

“I ordered 1 Brussels sprout instead of 1 kg! Now I need to cut it into 4 to go round!”

“What we ordered vs What we got. Even the cat is shocked.”

“Your order was delivered.”

“I ordered my daughter a MacBook Air for Christmas and this is what was delivered.”

“After 2 months, my book set finally arrived. I opened it up to discover that there were 2 copies of the second book and no copies of the first one.”

“When you order 4×4 rolls of toilet paper from the online store and they deliver this.”

“The store manager said we just need to fluff the branches more.”

“I ordered a loveseat. Apparently someone pulled up the parts list and sent me one of each.”

“My wife ordered a new screen protector. This is what she got right out of the box.”

“The Nintendo DS I ordered got ‘misplaced.’ They delivered an empty box.”

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit aliexpress, TAYwithaK / reddit


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I have bad teeth. So 1 day I ordered a set of fake teeth from Wish to put over the top of top front teeth. They didn't even sit on my teeth and they came with little white plastic balls with no instructions telling me what the balls were 4


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