20+ Things for People Who Think That Nothing Can Surprise Them

7 months ago

The world around us is so diverse that it seems it will never stop surprising us. Even if you’ve already seen a lot of things and you think there’s nothing that can surprise you, we will show you something that you’ve probably never seen: a kiwi egg that is as big as the bird itself, holes right in the middle of the water, and even what the human tongue looks like while a person is speaking.

Bright Side has collected amazing things that will make your jaw drop.

The sun seen through a UV-lens

Elephant foot

Kiwi egg size in relation to its body

Forest fire seen from an orbiting space station

The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is empty

Behind a frozen waterfall

Platypus skull

This feather is so small that I lost it right after taking the picture.

X-ray of a bird

A hole in the middle of a lake in Portugal

The scaly foot gastropod is the only known animal to incorporate iron into its skeleton (as well as its scales), making it literally the most metal creature on Earth

“So... I’d stay out of the Florida Everglades.”

Wife: I want that tree closer to the house.

This neck on the extremely rare and endangered Madagascar Giraffe Weevil:

Birds illuminated by fire with a backdrop of smoke

The Darth Vader flower

65-foot-tall “Lava Bubble” in Hawaii, 50 years ago

Potatoes being grown in air

Fish caught in Argentina

The exact moment lightning strikes water

Antarctic Scale Worm

Giant Asian Hornets

Do you have anything to share with people who think they can’t be surprised by anything?

Preview photo credit BunyipPouch / Reddit


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