15+ People Who Can Find Beauty Anywhere

2 years ago

An acorn that resembles a hedgehog or carrots making faces — these things were ordinary until people found something special about them. Not everyone has this gift, but thankfully, those who do share their findings online so we can all enjoy them.

Bright Side compiled some photos that showcase beauty in the most unexpected places.

1. “This shadow looks exactly like a man’s head.”

2. “A stone that looks like a rare sand bear waiting for easy prey.”

3. “The potato I grew looks like a seal.”

4. “I was eating when I noticed my carrots were making faces.”

5. “First chip I pulled out of the bag looks like a person.”

6. “I reversed my car into a rock and the damage looks like a hand-painted mountain range.”

7. “I baked brownies, and on the side of the pan, it looks like there’s a dinosaur diving into them.”

8. “The center of the log I was splitting looks like a cat.”

9. “The bubbles in my egg kinda looked like a paw this morning.”

10. “The raindrops gave dimension and texture to the mosaic.”

11. An opal with a sky of its own

12. “Looks like someone put Tim Burton in charge of making the clouds tonight.”

13. “The dust fall on this pipe looks like a futuristic city in the snow.”

14. “We found an elephant shaped stone, so I doodled a face on it.”

15. “This pepper looks like it’s challenging me to fisticuffs in 1820.”

16. “This acorn that looks like a little hedgehog”

17. “I just sprayed my cheese on a cracker. It looks like a horse. I almost don’t want to eat it.”

Have you ever taken pics that could fit in this article? Make sure to share them in the comments along with your greatest stories about them!

Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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