15 Photos That Can Make You Experience All of Life’s Emotions

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Emotions are contagious — so pick your folks wisely because it seems like your group really pulls at little wires in your brain, making you feel a certain way. That said, we want you to feel a real emotional explosion now, so fasten your seat belt because we’re about to go through a real feels rollercoaster.

Bright Side presents 15 pictures that will restart the emotional centers in your brain and make you feel more alive than ever.

1. “My wife gave birth to beautiful twins. Wedding ring for scale.”

2. “Toddler ice cream face”

3. “Finally got my childhood dream guitar. Worked hard for it and now I’m the happiest man alive.”

4. “I dyed my prematurely gray hair since I was about 20. I finally decided to let it fly free at 35.”

5. “My wedding ring in my son’s hand”

6. “Shoutout to my grandpa for celebrating his one-hundredth birthday!”

7. “After 2.5 years of marriage wearing a $10 wedding ring, yesterday my husband gave me this.”

8. Henry Cavill and his lovely big boy

9. “Just a photo of my grandpa with a rabbit during work in the garden”

10. “My grandma asked to take a picture with this legendary man.”

11. “Found a starfish on a hiking trip in Oregon that actually had a smile.”

12. Just look at that smile. It tells a story.

13. “My 104-year-old great-grandmother and 2-month-old daughter are meeting for the first time.”

14. “When you’re tired but had so much fun at the park”

15. “My mom didn’t have a rod, so she just tossed in her line. She was the only one to catch anything all day. I’ve never seen her so excited.”

What was the most emotional thing that happened to you this week? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit MulleH / Imgur, MCsocko / Imgur


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