15 Photos That Show There’s a Strong Bond Between Kids and Pets

2 years ago

When a kid and a pet live under one roof they will most probably build a connection made out of steel. We see them turning into inseparable friends that sleep side by side at night and becoming partners in mischief who would bathe themselves in a pool of dirt just for the fun of it. They might even start wearing each other’s clothes. And let’s not be startled if at some point they suddenly start understanding each other’s language.

Bright Side is amazed by the unbreakable tie that kids are capable of building with their furry friends.
We have gathered a collection of pics that will add a huge spoonful of sweetness to your day.

1. “My dog now wears my son’s baby clothes.”

2. ’’My daughter comforting her poor cat at the vet.’’

3. ’’My daughter was very insistent on going into her bed, which is odd. Then I moved her blanket and found what she was hiding.’’

4. ’’My son and his ’brother dog’ holding each other’s hand/paw as they nap together. They do this every day.’’

5. ’’Our door hanger fell off the door and Cali immediately jumped up to protect my niece.’’

6. ’’I said the the dogs weren’t allowed to sleep in his room so this is how I found him.’’

7. My dog that just had an ACL surgery and my friend’s daughter is reading to him so he feels better.’’

8. ’’This is my son and our dog only 20 minutes after we adopted her.’’

9. ’’My senior dog loves to follow my son around. Here they are examining the washer.’’

10. ’’My son decided to sleep in the dog bed, and my 13-year-old good boy decided to protect him.’’

11. ’’My 3-year-old daughter comforting her sad lab puppy.’’

12. ’’Piggy protects my niece. She thinks she is her baby.’’

13. ’’My son likes to serenade his dog.’’

14. ’’My son’s been missing my sister’s dog since they moved. The dog got to stay the night and this is where I found my son sleeping.’’

15. Found my son and dog like this.

Did you have a pet while growing up? Do you believe that being around animals from a very tender age can positively impact a kid’s personality?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit beanonme82/Reddit


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