20 Men Who Unexpectedly Formed a Special Bond With Their Pets

2 years ago

When you think about it, animals are so much more than bundles of cuteness. Some have the power to save us in more than just one way, whether with their skills or simply with their company. We can’t underestimate how important they can be to a person’s life, and that’s just one of the many reasons why we adore them so much.

Bright Side would like to give you 20 reasons why animals are one of the best things in the world, and we hope we will make you want to go give your pet a hug!

1. “He said ’no’ to inside cats for years but she stole his heart.”

2. “He’s only going to be in the way, I’ll step on him.”

3. “That was quick for the guy who said he wasn’t a cat person and has not ever liked them.”

4. “Dad went from, ’You’re taking him with you when you leave.’ to, ’Are you really gonna take him with you?’”

5. “My dad who didn’t want a horse suggested picnicking with him. He brought lunch for my horse too.”

6. “My husband didn’t want a dog. I think Nina won him over.”

7. “He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect.”

8. “Reluctantly agreed to get a dog after years of pressure from the wife and kids... this is my life now.”

9. “This is my dad, who said he hates cats, and my cat.”

10. “I still find it hilarious how much he babies her after years of saying he’d never get another dog.”

11. “We don’t need another cat.”

12. “My boyfriend cooing to a little fluffy hamster that he NEVER WANTED. He absolutely adores her and the feeling is definitely mutual.”

13. “BF: ’Do we really need a fourth dog?’ Now he carries a backpack in case our pup gets tired of walking.”

14. “Father-in-law kept saying up to the day we got Coco that we weren’t getting her. Now these 2 are the best of friends.”

15. “Took me 20 odd years to convince him to get a cat. He stopped saying no but never said yes. One surprise later:”

16. “Boyfriend who said, ‘NO, we cannot get a dog!’ for 3 years before I finally convinced him. Now she sits in his lap instead of mine in the car.”

17. “Featuring both Egg and Pepper, who he did not want.”

18. “My adorable father Toby cradling my little Panda. He insisted we ‘return her’ when we bought her home as a surprise.”

19. “Dad taking the ’rabbit we didn’t need’ on a road trip”

20. “Thought baby chicks would be too delicate, only wanted grown chickens...”

If you needed to convince someone they should get a pet, and you had to use only one picture to do that, which one would it be? Show us!

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