19 Pictures That Will Brighten Any Gloomy Day

2 years ago

Children, pets, and people with a sense of humor — what these things all have in common is that they make for laugh-worthy pictures. And looking at pics that invoke aww-worthy emotions in you is not just good for your mood, but so much more. In fact, studies show that looking at adorable things can also sharpen your focus.

We at Bright Side cannot resist cute animals and other pictures that make us smile. So here are some things to look at with admiration. They’re sure to make you smile and gush.

1. “Must. Not. React. To. Hugs.”

2. “Uh oh, we don’t have a dog, and I think my daughter is trying to tell me something.”

3. When the music likes you:

4. “2 years planning and making the ring from scratch. Made the ring by hand with my dad. She said yes!”

5. “Welcome to Bear and Momo’s haunted house. Pet us if you dare!”

6. “Someone put googly eyes all over the menu at my local Starbucks.”

7. “5-day-old hedgehogs”

8. “Why is he like this?”

9. “Made this rocking chair when I was 14. 24 years later, I have finally realized it belongs to my son.”

10. Life imitates art.

11. Just look at that smile.

12. “Those puppy eyes”

13. “This is Tuttut. He likes hangin’ out.”

14. “My dog really loves bubbles.”

15. “My dad drew Fred Flintstone out of fondue chocolate.”

16. “My POV while doing crunches”

17. “Nature can be an artist, like with this mutated saguaro cactus.”

18. “Cats just wanted a place to sit.”

19. “Here are 3 needle-felted bats.”

What are the tricks you use to cheer yourself up on dull days? Share your sweet pictures with us and spread the smiles.

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit mahlukcobalt/reddit


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