13 Proofs That «They Lived Happily Ever After» Doesn’t Only Happen in Fairy Tales

3 months ago

There are people who have found their version of ’happily ever after’ outside of fairy tales, showing that lasting happiness is possible in real life. These stories of love, joy, and enduring relationships serve as inspiring examples for all.

  • When my wife wasn’t around, I repeatedly said ’Ma-ma-ma-ma’ to our children. I wanted her to have that precious moment of hearing them say their first word as ’mom.’ It means a lot to her, and I kept this little secret to myself, not planning to tell her about it.
  • I won the jackpot in life with my husband. He grew up in a complete family, but his father was often at sea, leaving him to be raised by his mother. She taught him essential household chores like cooking, cleaning floors, doing laundry, ironing, and even scrubbing the bathtub and toilet.
    After we got married, my husband took charge of buying equipment for our home. I’ll never forget the first time I woke up to find him cleaning the toilet with dedication, even using his backside to reach difficult spots. It was a shock at first, but over time, he taught me, the novice in cleanliness, the importance of keeping our home tidy.
  • My husband has this quirky hobby of growing peppers on our balcony every spring. It’s hilarious how excited he gets just looking at those leaves and flowers. And let me tell you, he enjoys munching on them in salads like they’re the best thing ever!
    One time, though, he got a bit grumpy. Our cat sneaked in and snacked on his precious sprouted peppers. He jokingly said, «I’m not speaking to her anymore!» but that didn’t last long. Can’t stay mad at a mischievous cat for too long, right?
  • My husband once invited me to an expensive restaurant. We had coffee and a tiny dish, but when I saw the exorbitant prices on the menu, I suggested going home for pizza or rolls instead. I was worried he might be offended since he had made the effort to choose the restaurant and book a table.
    To my surprise, my husband sighed with relief and remarked, «It’s great that we have similar tastes! Let’s also fry some potatoes!» It wasn’t about being poor; we simply didn’t resonate with haute cuisine.
  • When my wife and I first started living together, it was freezing cold, and her car suddenly broke down, making her commute to work challenging. Without hesitation, I offered her my car, which surprised her greatly.
    She was used to her ex not sharing the car, leaving her to rely on public transport or taxis when needed. In our relationship, trust and practicality matter more than possession. If a car can help, why not use it? Especially since I have a short walk to work.
  • My husband and I decided to buy a new car for me, and we found one in another city. As we drove to the dealership to trade in our old car, everything seemed perfect until I realized I had forgotten the registration certificate.
    Despite my mistake, my husband remained calm and understanding. He quickly flew back home to get the document while I sorted out the paperwork at the dealership. Thanks to his swift action, we bought the car and are still happy with it. This experience reinforced my love and appreciation for my husband’s patience and support.
  • My car got towed for illegal parking on a day when I had to meet with my ex to pick up documents. The ex reacted with mockery, saying, «Ha ha, typical.» On the other hand, my current partner responded positively, expressing gratitude to the universe for financial stability. Additionally, my mother went to the hospital that day, but thankfully, it turned out to be nothing serious.
  • My first husband was quite hysterical, often yelling without reason. When I remarried, I couldn’t have imagined how different and healthy a relationship could be. Even when I caused an accident, my second husband’s first concern was for my well-being, saying, «The main thing is that you’re okay. We can always fix the car!» His calm and supportive nature has made me realize the value of having him in my life.
  • We have shelves in our home for storing various items like laundry supplies, napkins, and paper towels. The main supply of tissues is usually kept on the top shelf, which my wife can’t reach. So, without her noticing, I always make sure to put a box of tissues on the bottom shelf for her convenience.
    One day, when she asked for a box of tissues, I instinctively took it from the top shelf. Surprised, she asked why I didn’t grab one from the bottom shelf, which was right in front of me. I replied, «Because that one is for you.» After 25 years of marriage, she hadn’t noticed this small act of consideration, but it brought her genuine pleasure.
  • As a biologist girl, I have a knack for bringing home snakes, frogs, insects, and admiring the unique shapes of leaves. Unfortunately, these interests have often annoyed my past partners. However, in my current relationship, I had a moment of realization during a forest hike. We boiled a skull we found, and my partner remarked, «You collect moss so cutely, just like a forest nymph!» It was then that I knew I had found someone who truly appreciates my quirks and passions.
  • Recently, a chandelier fell from the ceiling because my husband unscrewed something incorrectly. I quickly checked if he was okay, then silently cleaned up the glass and washed the floor. Similarly, when I break dishes, burn pots, or make other mistakes, my husband reacts calmly and with a smile. We both understand that accidents happen, so there’s no need for shouting or making a fuss.
  • At the beginning of my marriage, my mother accompanied my husband and me as we went to choose a fur coat for me. She was amazed by how calmly and patiently he walked with me through all the stores, waiting while I tried on different coats and made my selection. Unlike her own husband, who would often get anxious or refuse to go to the grocery store with her, my husband showed no sign of discontent. His patience and calm demeanor during the shopping trip left a lasting impression on my mother.
  • While working at a communications salon, none of my colleagues had ever met my wife. One day, at the end of a busy day with about five people in the room, including three employees, my wife unexpectedly entered. Seizing the moment, I announced with playful enthusiasm, «You’re our thousandth client today, so you get a kiss from a company employee!» and then proceeded to kiss her, leaving everyone present in shock.

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