14 Times People Just Wanna Scream: What Are The Odds

2 years ago

Sometimes, the Universe picks us out to witness a special surprise that can happen every once in a million years. And while some people think that these rare occurrences are just simple coincidences, others like to read more into them and believe that there is a coded message behind these sights. Either way, it is always exciting to know that life can astonish us at any time and in any place with its peculiar surprises.

Bright Side believes that the Universe expresses its unique sense of humor through these occurrences. Here are some photos that prove anything can happen, even if all the odds are against us.

1. ’’The charm at a flea market fit perfectly on my friend’s tattoo.’’

2. ’’My cat has a spot that kind of looks like a cat.’’

3. ’’This alien pineapple’’

4. No photo for these 2.

5. ’’I got this coffee table book as a present and found my cat on the back.’’

6. ’’This spot on my apple is in the shape of an apple.’’

7. ’’That time the curls on my head formed a heart.’’

8. ’’I did this yesterday by accident.’’

9. ’’I saw someone throw a cup from their car and it landed in this truck’s grill guard.’’

10. ’’I dropped and cracked my Batman mug and the chipped part looks like the bat symbol.’’

11. ’’My mom dropped a pen and its point landed in a tiny hole in the floor.’’

12. ’’My dad just cut an onion for a sandwich and there were 2 onions in one.’’

13. ’’My egg perfectly inverted itself.’’

14. ’’This colorful cat’’

Do you often come across these types of peculiar coincidences? Do you think they happen for a reason?


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