22 Pics That Are Sure to Make You Stop and Wonder

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Our ability to recognize objects begins to form at a very early stage, practically as soon as our eyes can see. However, things can funnily disguise themselves as something else to easily fool us. And sometimes we get to spot things with our mind’s eye, like seeing faces or objects in otherwise random or unrelated everyday things, and it can be quite funny.

At Bright Side, we’re curious and always seek eccentricity. So we decided to collect 22 interesting pictures brought to us by sharp-witted people who were able to spot the invisible.

1. “I found this little guy today. He felt safe hiding in my girlfriend’s hair.”

2. Mickey Mouse flowers

3. “I noticed my lamp makes DNA strand shadows. It caught my eye after explaining to someone how ’nature is inevitable.’”

4. “My dog Frenchie looks like a koala from the back.”

5. “The chipped paint on our basement door looks like a pig.”

6. This chandelier at a restaurant is made of different cutlery.

7. The sink drains at this airport are shaped like the front of an airplane.

8. “The way this lemon and carrot fell into my trash looks like a rubber duck.”

9. This wonky building

10. “The bathroom sink at my uncle’s house looks like a face with a runny nose.”

11. “I see a little silhouetto of a man...”

12. These flowers that look like kiwi slices

13. “My son’s new crayon came with a perfect heart.”

14. “The nose pads on my glasses have cats on them.”

15. This hole in the concrete looks like a frog.

16. This piece of fluff looks like a man pondering life while sitting on a rock.

17. Quiet please, the Lemon Raspberry Loaf is sleeping!

18. “The scratched paint on our bathroom wall looks like a face with a big pointy nose.”

19. “My niece grew this perfect duck tomato.”

20. “I cut into a cantaloupe and the inside was square.”

21. “Found a pink pineapple.”

22. “This zucchini we grew from our garden”

How often do you encounter coincidences of this kind? Do you believe this is the way the Universe communicates certain messages to us? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.


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I don't see mickey mouse flowers. I see Alices unfriendly ones.


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