14 Fashion Trends That You Shouldn’t Just Follow Blindly

year ago

Shoes and clothes usually look amazing on girls in ads and magazines. The outfits look perfect and you really want to buy them. This is because models with perfect bodies get hired for ads, and the photos are taken in studios where the conditions are perfect. And we hope these clothes will look just as good on us. But in reality, they often look quite different.

1. Cropped sweater

2. Total black look

3. Trendy white sneakers

4. Cropped jeans and oversize T-shirts

5. A big sweater tucked into a skirt or pants

6. Balaclava

7. Oversize jacket

8. High-waisted pants

9. Mini handbags

10. Big sweater with a high neck

11. Gladiator shoes

12. Tight dress

13. Poncho

14. Palazzo pants

Bonus #1: Jacket on the shoulders

Bonus #2: Choose clothes that are not too tight and do not hinder your movements

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Please note: This article was updated in March 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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But some of these look bad because in the "Reality " picture some models don't stand straight or have different body sizes. There is nothing wrong with being curvy or slim, but choose clothes that would suit your body type. You will look great 👍.


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