20 People Who Found Something Spookier Than Expected

2 years ago

Lurking behind any everyday object is an ominous moment waiting to happen, making blueberries turn into eyeballs and rocks into spooky cloaked figures. Some people simply have an eye for eerie and creepy sightings, like finding a rock in the woods that looks exactly like a head or simply noticing that the chicken you’re cooking looks like a demon. Luckily for us, they’re all simply tricking the eye.

Bright Side found some very spooky things people have seen in their everyday life to celebrate the pure ingenuity of the world around us, in all of its glory.

1. “The blueberry in my pancake looks like an eyeball.”

2. “Demon chicken laughs at the 350 degree oven.”

3. “This rock that looks like a head”

4. “Ancient fire creature”

5. “Creepy door knocker that raises its eyes when used”

6. “A photograph my mother took on a ride at Disney, the timing of the water and the rock formations created 2 spooky-looking figures.”

7. “Not creepy at all...”

8. “Apparently bare trees create a web-like pattern when there’s a light shining behind them!”

9. This sinister looking pink grasshopper with its original green eyes.

10. “Free toilet paper with the purchase of this haunted house!”

11. “Portrait mode with flash on the iPhone. Either he moved at the perfect moment or my boyfriend is absolutely possessed.”

12. “The yellow sky and the fog makes it look like my school is haunted.”

13. “Caterpillars took over a bush and made it look creepy.”

14. “Found this creepy rabbit doll thing at an antique store this past weekend.”

15. A moss covered face found in the woods

16. “Garlic with a threatening aura. These creepy tips kinda remind me of excessively long & curvy acrylic nails.”

17. “When it gets cold my Lava Lamp starts to look like the aliens from Independence Day!”

18. “These candles melted together and formed Cthulhu.”

19. “Worcester has fallen to the great old one.”

20. This slightly creepy ultrasound of a baby looking into the camera

What spooky thing have you seen that you simply couldn’t explain? Have you ever taken a photo and then later found a creepy detail in it?

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Preview photo credit TMCBarnes / Reddit, VVHYY / Reddit


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