18 People Who Forgot What They Were Up to Because They Saw a Real Show

2 years ago

Few things have the power to surprise and stop us in our tracks. But flukes happen, and at times, we do come across magical views, like a cloud leaking a rainbow or a caterpillar with an attitude. We may even see a rabbit momma who decides to nest and lay her kits in a sunflower pot.

Bright Side came across Redditors who spotted something very different and stopped to take in the sights and sounds. This is what they saw.

1. Dementia care workers spotted kits in a sunflower pot and got all their patients to come and coo from a distance.

2. Just some bee pee....

3. An albino squirrel is quite the sight.

4. Eerie bioluminescent mushrooms

5. They should call it a “sloth crossing” now.

6. Just the teeniest baby snail on a raspberry

7. “A very large mushroom”

8. “A cool spider with a chromatin web”

9. Red streetlights in Worcester, UK, keep the bats comfortable.

10. “Whatcha looking at?”

11. “Bison looking just like the bison on the gate”

12. The dude is living in 2050.

13. All bark, no bite, and some leaves

14. A 3-D wall created by wood planks

15. “The way this person’s tire tracks made 2 connected hearts”

16. A very, very happy cloud

17. “A waterfall tree in southern Germany”

18. “X-ray of my childhood bear, taken in the 90s”

Have you ever come across something so wondrous, you forgot what you were doing? Did nature ever distract you with a beautiful sight, or was it something a fellow human did? Share your surprise sights with us!

Preview photo credit scott610/reddit


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