20+ Photos That Prove Children Live in Another World With Its Own Rules

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2 years ago

From imaginary friends to collecting bugs, children manage to surprise us at every turn. They can get into the most creative mischief with the most innocent of outlooks, melting their parents’ hearts in an instant. But their little minds can also cook up the messiest of scenes, like deciding to make a car soup. Or falling asleep in the strangest of places and at the strangest of times.

We at Bright Side wanted to give you a few reasons to smile, so here are some children doing the funniest things. Proving that kids think on a different level than adults.

1. “Me: ‘I’m just going to pop downstairs and make lunch’. What could possibly go wrong? 2 mins later...”

2. “Son fell asleep while playing hide and seek.”

3. “Every single thing from the fridge is in this car soup.”

4. “My devastated son after his bath.”

5. “I asked him to help daddy pick up his toys.”

6. Honey, I lost the kids.

7. " Dump out toys, watch TV from 3 inches away."

8. “They really know how to hit me where it hurts.”

9. “He ceased the ability to even, in the middle of the shop.”

10. “Stepped away for 15 seconds.”

11. Just a little side business

12. “The pan I use to make her favorite food got broken and she was convinced we would never be able to eat it again.”

13. “I found my nephew like this.”

14. “The kids blamed the footprints on the dog.”

15. “...came to me to show me what he has invented.”

16. “Life with a toddler.”

17. “Child in the window, what wisdom do you have today?”

18. “My daughter made me this bracelet today.”

19. “My kid, playing hide and seek.”

20. “Painting the fence with water, toddler-style.”

21. “His lil’ homie’s birthday party and he ate all the cake.”

Did any of these images make you laugh out loud? Do you have stories about your own children getting into all kinds of mischief? Share your anecdotes with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit macshona/Instagram


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