18 Cool Things People Have Found and Shared With Us

2 years ago

From long-lost artifacts to completely bizarre and unique sights, we realize that there is so much out there to discover. If you know where to look you can find a 900-year-old dog’s footprint or what cocoa seeds actually look like. Some people have been very lucky and found the discovery of a lifetime, so you never know when you may stumble upon something extraordinary.

Scroll through some of the coolest things people have discovered, collected by us at Bright Side for your enjoyment.

1. “I found a really cool looking pepper while prepping some habaneros.”

2. “This cacao seed looks like a brain.”

3. “Baby octopus I found inside a seashell.”

4. “Isolated storm in a clear sky, looks like a tree in the ocean.”

5. A perfectly shaped snowflake

6. “Pine needles that formed in the shape of a bike”

7. “Found a 130-year-old recipe book while cleaning out grandma’s house.”

8. “The pattern on these beans my aunt grew.”

9. “My neighbor’s cucumber growing through this mesh fence.”

10. The Rock coloring book

11. “This 900 year old floor tile at Gloucester Cathedral contains the footprint of a very good boy.”

12. “The students at my local college made the Statue of Liberty out of sticky notes.”

13. “My granddaughter (7yo) handed me a small stone from the driveway and asked if these are fossils.”

14. “This blue McDonalds I found in Arizona.”

15. “Post box in a hat (Bee bonnet).”

16. “My mother-in-law’s clothesline of fledging butterflies.”

17. When your food order is from the 19th century:

18. “Approximately 167-year-old garlic I found under the floor of my half-timbered house.”

What things have you found that left you gobsmacked? Please share your discoveries with us all so that we can also marvel at your finds!


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