10 of the Most Unusual Attractions You Can Visit Across the World

2 years ago

Even a pet can become a tourist attraction and get rated on Google by people who’ve visited it. Such places make every trip special and out of the ordinary. Below are some places that can thrill us.

We at Bright Side think that even the place you live can have something unusual about it, so we’re sharing some attractions that may inspire you.

1. The dog from the balcony in Gdansk, Poland

One of the most top-rated attractions in Gdansk is the dog from the balcony. The golden retriever named Milka lives on the corner of a street. Quite often, the pet likes to lie on the edge of her balcony and watch people come and go.

2. The hanging pillar in Lepakshi, India

This mysterious pillar doesn’t rest on the ground. It’s known as a tribute to the engineering genius of ancient and medieval Indian temple builders.

3. Kodinhi, “the village of twins,” in India

This village in India looks like many others out there, except that it has 400 pairs of twins that reside there. The number of families is just 2,000, and it’s still a great mystery how such a thing happened.

4. The giant glass slipper church in Budai Township, Taiwan

The building is shaped like a high-heeled shoe and is made of over 320 tinted glass panels. It’s more than 10 m (36 ft) wide and costs about $686,000.

5. The giant chest of drawers in North Carolina, USA

This restored nineteenth-century dresser is the “world’s largest chest of drawers.” It’s 36 feet high and was built to attract people to High Point as the “furniture capital of the world.”

6. Gnome Reserve in Devon, England

The Gnome Reserve is a garden and tourist attraction in Devon that has more than 2,000 gnomes on 4 acres of land. It’s here that you can also see about 250 labeled species of wildflowers, herbs, grasses, and ferns.

7. The Transfagarasan Highway in Transylvania, Romania

The amazing and thrilling road in Romania, known as the Transfagarasan Highway, is 94 miles long (151 km). The road has endless curves and sheer drops, so you can enjoy a little adrenaline in the fresh air.

8. The world’s largest ball of paint in Indiana, USA

The ball is covered in tens of thousands of coats of paint and holds a world record. The attraction grows every day because visitors add new coats.

9. Cat Island in Tashirojima, Japan

Cat Island earned its name thanks to a local belief that feeding cats will bring wealth and good fortune. Now there are more cats on the island than people.

10. Pavlov’s house

The attraction is a fortified apartment building that Russian defenders held for 60 days against the Wehrmacht offensive. It got its name from Sergeant Yakov Pavlov who defended the building during the long battle.

Which place would you like to visit most? What is the most unusual tourist attraction in your city?


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