20 People Captured Odd Coincidences That Made Our Jaws Drop

2 years ago

People believe that the world communicates with us via messages or coincidences. From entertaining to bizarre, interesting to extraordinary, these minor incidents might give you the impression that this is much more than just chance. But, whether these folks were just fortunate or fulfilling their destiny, their stories left us with more questions than answers.

We at Bright Side like sharing incredible photographs with our readers, and, unsurprisingly, shots of unusual occurrences are always interesting to look at!

1. “These wardrobe door knobs from the hotel I’m staying in are surprisingly similar to my ring.”

While working on this article, a Bright Side employee surprised us by having the same ring! It’s a crazy coincidence!

2. “This weird wrinkly egg matches my husband’s weird wrinkly head.”

3. “My friend’s phone case blends in with this 1982 school library circulation desk.”

4. “I dropped a plate by accident, and it broke in half perfectly. No shards or chips.”

5. “Out for a walk and looked back inside. I think my chair is possessed.”

6. “This pebble that got stuck in the sole of my shoe”

7. “I have the same spoon as the Chips Ahoy! box.”

8. “The bird poop is either perfectly designed or a perfect coincidence.”

9. “My dad selected this seat when we had lunch at a burger joint! What a funny coincidence!!”

“I angled his head to match the salt shaker, and his ear is now being pulled.”

10. “Spot the deal and grab it, CzechHairLines.”

11. “This carrot that looks like a finger.”

12. “This stray dog we found is identical to my Nana’s couch pillow.”

13. “The inlays on my knife look exactly like my chocolate chip cookie!”

14. “The sunlight on this curtain looks like the Windows logo.”

15. “This leaf looks like a chicken.”

16. “This rainbow synced up with this lucky charms sign.”

17. “Pretty sure I would walk right into these if they were in my living room.”

18. “My friend’s water bottle matches my other friend’s shirt.”

19. “My buddy found his 1572 doppelgänger at the art museum.”

20. “When you’re at a wedding and discover your dress matches the venue.”

Do you believe in coincidences? Is there anything you’ve ever seen that was out of this world?
Feel free to share any story about your coincidences in the comment section.


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