16 People Who Think Very Differently From the Rest of Us

2 years ago

It has been said that 72% of people come up with creative thoughts while showering. They are often considered to be people who seem stimulating, interesting, and have a variety of compelling thoughts. These ideas then turn into actions, thereby simplifying our lives as well.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to show you a glimpse of out-of-the-box thinkers through these pictures.

1. “Told my boyfriend I was getting him a burger for Christmas.”

2. “Renewable energy at your fingertips”

3. “Use yoga blocks in lieu of a squatty potty!”

4. “My Uber driver offered a conversation ‘menu’ for his ride.”

5. “My stepmom uses a trivet to stop her laptop from overheating when she is gaming.”

6. “Vacuum bag hack — put a few drops of extract or essential oil on a cotton ball. Place inside vacuum bag or canister, no more smelly bag.”

7. “$300 for a bagger? I don’t think so.”

8. “If you want an air purifier but only have $39, slap a filter on the back of a box fan.”

9. “My dad’s new fire pit is a 60 inch excavating bucket.”

10. “Saved myself from having to wash a bowl.”

11. “My girlfriend made a stew inside a pumpkin.”

12. “Local sushi place is trying to deter graffiti in the bathroom.”

13. “This welcoming sculpture at a truck stop tire store”

14. “A man bolted his grill onto an old lawnmower so it’s easier to move around.”

15. “Touch your dog’s wet nose to easily separate poop bags.”

16. “Was at my kid’s school for a costume parade. One dad misunderstood in the best way possible.”

Tell us which picture inspired you most? Show us the best picture that shows you as an out-of-the-box thinker.

Preview photo credit Ao-Eleni / Reddit


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These people's brain are differently wired.. I feel jealous.. Or maybe not.. Lol!


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