14 Situations That Convinced Us Life Is Completely Filled With Surprises

2 years ago

Scientists show us that surprises literally make your body freeze. Well, at least for one twenty-fifth of a second, but it’s a strong emotion that can give us a 404 error screen in a flash. But the best thing is, life is such a lovely and exciting rollercoaster ride, you can be sure some surprises are always lurking around the next corner.

Bright Side wants to show you 14 pictures that are going to make you question if this is real life or a bunch of stages.

1. “We graduated from the same high school in 1980. Didn’t know one another. Met my girlfriend in 2021.”

2. “Came across a dual-colored tulip today.”

3. “A deep-sea worm seen through electron microscope.”

4. “A moldy orange that looks like a planet”

5. “This pi-shaped ginger I found”

6. “These two hairy cars”

7. “My mom took this picture of my dog in the car and it looks like her head is on my body.”

8. “This apple had a tiny apple growing out of the same stem.”

9. When you go on a walk in the park and are ’’beeing’’ greeted like a celebrity:

10. “My salsa jar lid kind of looks like a map of the world.”

11. “My cat and I took a nap today, he’s heavier than I thought.”

12. “This caterpillar looks like it’s covered in little penguins.”

13. “A tribute to Bruce Wills found in my office area”

14. “A massive opossum I saw in the middle of the day”

What is the most surprising thing that happened to you this week? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit haileymileen / Reddit


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