15+ Pics Showing Nature Has a Funny Side

2 years ago

Mother Nature is captivating and can sometimes be unexpected. Even when we don’t share the same language, wildlife around us constantly communicates. The secret to discovering those special moments in which nature shares a message with us is to keep your eyes wide open.

We at Bright Side found some funny photos that you might be able to relate to and others that might surprise you. Nature is not so different from us, and the emotions that it captures here are proof.

1. “Kissing flower”

2. “My parents’ cactus looks like a person waving.”

3. “My pet tortoise smiled at me.”

4. “Our canoeing day had a hearty message for us.”

5. “Here’s a guy who needs to cheer up.”

6. “When you’re swimming late to work”

7. “A tree surprised by woodpeckers”

8. “A smiley face from grass shadows and cracks in the ground”

9. “This tree needs to let go.”

10. “No wonder people call this orchid a monkey face...”

11. “Found a face in the sky on my way to work.”

12. “This sunflower needs a hug.”

13. “This tree is melting.”

14. “A smiling stick I saw while on a stroll”

15. “The sky painted itself today.”

16. “When nature helps you play hide and seek”

17. “This flower looks like a friendly little bee.”

18. “Flowers showing love”

19. “A little orchid man”

Which of the pictures surprised you the most? Have you ever captured a special moment in nature?

Preview photo credit gamercow1/Reddit


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