20 People Who Nailed the Whole Parenting Thing

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5 years ago

Parenting is one heck of a job and people lose hours of sleep over it. If you want to survive being a parent, you need to have some useful and creative tricks up your sleeves. Not only does it help to be a good parent, but it will also help you have more time for yourself.

Here at Bright Side, we have found some of the most creative parents on the internet.

1. Use cardboard to make a fun slide.

2. “Prevent your child’s toys from floating away in the bathtub and make bath time generally easier.”

3. Prevent them from making a mess.

4. This roll of paper will allow your children to draw on the walls:

5. A swing and a comfy bed

6. Protect the eyes during bath time.

7. “Dad making sure my new boyfriend is competent.”

8. Extend the reach with this hack:

9. Use these empty plastic containers for bathing toys:

10. Keep an eye on them without using a camera or going inside the room.

11. Give them a temporary tattoo when they go out.

12. How to reuse shirts:

13. A stepladder that won’t get in the way

14. “Our daughter really wanted to touch the water but couldn’t reach by herself. This was my husband’s solution... Her face says it all!”

15. Proper motivation

16. Keep them warm in the winter.

17. “This clever mother encouraged her child to play a game — sweeping all the crumbs into the box.”

18. How to ruin someone’s childhood and the taste of Pepsi

19. Use the car’s AC to cool the fries to a child-friendly temperature.

20. When skateboarding is life but you have kids now:

Did you like these tricks? Do you have any awesome tricks you think people need to know? Share your tips in the comments section below and don’t forget to share the article with parents you know!


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Number 18 is just genius! You are giving him medicine and taking away the habit of drinking soda. Don't you think?


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