27 Times Renovations Were Finished With “Whatever”

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Have you ever wanted to fix something quickly and effortlessly because you felt like you had to but were too lazy to follow through? According to a recent study, laziness could be a sign of intelligence. The proof of this can be seen in the hilarious DIY projects that seem to be “finished” whenever the supplies end, the hour is over, or any desire to continue just runs out.

1. That’s one way to fix the building...

2. The bicycle handle was broken but fixing it was quick, easy, and cheap!

3. When you feel quite lost, and you read a sign that says “You are here” and suddenly, everything makes sense.

4. There was a hole in the office wall, and this is the way they fixed it:

5. Who would feel comfortable with glass doors in public bathrooms?

6. If a gas tank cover is broken, a CD could be the answer to the problem.

7. “I stepped on a metal grate and asked the landlord if he could fix it. He delivered.”

8. Broken fan motor? No need to panic.

9. Crutches aren’t just for legs.

10. Welcome to Engineering 101.

11. “My husband’s version of fixing something is apparently breaking it even more.”

12. “This kept falling off the wall at work and this is how they fixed it:”

13. This is a temporary solution while an engineer is located:

14. There you go — fixed!

15. An umbrella used to fix a broken window

16. Flat tire? No problem.

17. Well, good for you, Chuck Norris.

18. The tape dispenser broke, but don’t worry, it’s nothing some tape won’t fix.

19. That looks like it belongs there...

20. Tape on a plane does not instill a great level of trust.

21. It’s barely noticeable!

22. A fixed and steady pole

23. Sit in a car, but ride on a bike...

24. The light in the elevator was broken, so a lamp was the perfect solution.

25. The moment that you realize the thermostat is hanging from a nail and is connected to nothing.

26. Only the bravest deserve to stay cool.

27. How is that working out?

Do you usually take on DIY projects? Feel free to share photos of your projects in the comments section below!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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