20+ Resourceful Minds That Can Solve Any Problem

7 months ago

They say creativity can unlock any door and solve any problem. That’s why creative individuals are invaluable across all industries. This article explores inventive problem-solving and offers quick-witted tips on how to nurture your creativity every single day.

1. “My local workers wear bubbles when it rains.”

2. “Keep your mask on at all times.”

3. “Couldn’t find the egg pokie-thingy.”

4. “This kickstand on a moped has a little shoe to hold it up.”

5. “He’s been getting into the plant so I had to take drastic measures.”

6. “I loved the post I saw about the sprout clip, so I ordered some and wore one to work today! The kindergartners loved it!”

7. Wish we had this extra shot everywhere.

8. There is nothing duct tape can’t solve.

9. “Puppy was escaping through fence slats, so I dressed her in stupid clothes and now she can’t fit through.”

10. “My client’s son asked if his dog’s cast could be Superman-themed.”

11. “This is a censored hand dryer.”

12. “The air cast matches after a little white tape.”

13. “At the family holiday house. It’s glued to the timber.”

14. “This mailbox is a repurposed propane tank.”

15. “The way they have the breakroom door held open at work.”

16. “Husband fixed a problem, I did not even know we had.”

17. “Mask being used as a sling to support a watermelon in a community garden.”

18. “Thor’s Mjölnir that’s an actual hammer.”

19. “The medium setting on my Keurig fills Ramen with the perfect amount of hot water.”

20. “I’ve always wanted to be able to fix my minor car problems. My very patient friend offered to teach me. I’m pretty proud of myself. ”

21. “The way this hoodie closes.”

Preview photo credit juicy_chase / Reddit


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