9 Famous People and the Story Behind Their Not-So-famous Scars

2 years ago

Scars can appear as a result of a small kitchen incident, birth, or even a serious accident. One thing is clear though, scars hold memories and they make us who we are. They are unique, and some are even badges of honor for a person’s courage in the past.

These scar stories have amazed us at Bright Side, reminding us all that scars should not be treated as a flaw, but as a distinctive feature.

1. Kate Middleton

Back in 2011, it was speculated that the Duchess was wearing hair extensions, thus explaining the line in her hair. Rumors were quickly cleared out when a spokesperson from the palace stated that: “The scar is related to a childhood operation.” Though it’s hard to spot, this scar is actually 3 inches (7 cm) long.

2. Jason Momoa

Jason mentioned that before getting this scar, he was always regarded as a “pretty boy” in the Hollywood scene, but considered “rugged” afterward. He got his scar back in 2008, in a terrible incident at a bar.

“It was crazy. A guy smashed a pint glass in my face. I got a little over 140 stitches,” he mentioned. Though the incident is something extremely saddening, it left a unique scar that makes Jason Momoa the person he is today.

3. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin’s scar is a bit different from the other ones in this compilation, in the sense that he did not have an accident. He was simply born with it. This also has the name, microform cleft, and it is the mildest form of cleft lip.

4. Sharon Stone

Sharon got her scar while trying to ride a wild horse when she was 14. Suddenly, the horse got out of control, ultimately running through a wire Sharon’s mother had put a few clothes on to dry. The wire struck her neck, leaving quite a bad scar.

“I didn’t realize we were heading for the wet sheets on the line until the line hit my neck and my feet slid through the stirrups. I couldn’t get out, and I couldn’t get that horse to settle down,” she remembers.

5. Harrison Ford

“A fast car crash, a real mundane way of earning it,” explained Ford when asked how he got his scar. A humorous answer, but the story behind it is quite scarring. It happened in 1964 when he was driving to California for a job. Mid-drive, he tried to put his seatbelt on, but this caused him to get into a car crash, slamming his face into the steering wheel.

6. Tommy Flanagan

Unlike the other celebrities in this compilation, Tommy’s scar holds a name. This type of scar is called a Glasgow smile, taking its name from the place it originated from. This is also where Tommy was born, and where he got his scar. He was leaving a pub one night, and he almost got robbed. In the process, he got this scar, going from both corners of the mouth to his ears, to remember his courage.

7. Queen Latifah

Kids are known for being clumsy and bumping their heads on things or falling over by accident. This case is no different. Queen Latifah revealed that she got her forehead scar by playing tag with her brother and bumping her head on a bathroom wall. “I tripped over the telephone cord and hit my head on the corner of the bathroom wall. I got three stitches. Then I fell on my grandmother’s steps and busted it open again,” she added.

8. Joe Jonas

Joe is a prime example of a childhood accident that has a somewhat humorous background. Joe and his brothers were filming a YouTube video, and he got a brilliant idea: that he would run through walls. This is how he got a scar between his eyebrows.

Regarding this incident, he said: “We were filming this video for YouTube and I had this stupid idea: ’Guys! I can run through walls!’ I was supposed to run into a wall and fall down. But I smacked right into it. I was taken on a helicopter to get surgery.” All in all, it seems like Joe likes his scar.

9. Sandra Bullock

The brilliant actress got her scar when she was young, apparently falling in a lake and hitting her head on a rock. The skin around her left eye scarred, now leaving behind a memory of an eventful childhood she is sure to remember forever, and also a reminder to be more careful in the future.

Do you have any scars yourself? We’d be curious to hear some more stories in the comments!


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one scar that i have is on my face on the left side and its from an ice skate


I hit my head on a pole after someone accidental kicked the back of my head and now there's a spot on my left eye brow where hair doesn't grow.


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