15+ Mixed-Race People Who Can Easily Enchant You With Their Beauty

3 years ago

After collecting and rating 1,205 random photos of multiracial people, researchers noticed one thing. Their faces were perceived as more attractive. It’s like some sort of magic that makes us look at a mixed-raced person and realize that their appearance is something supernatural.

We at Bright Side are also charmed by multiracial beauty and would like to share with you some people whose appearance will leave you dazed.

1. Jamaican, Russian, and Polish

2. Irish and Puerto Rican

3. Filipino and Australian

4. Thai and Belgian

5. Korean and Caucasian

6. Italian and Chinese

7. Icelandic and Congolese

8. Italian and Chinese

9. Cuban and French

10. African and Korean

11. Indonesian and Spanish

12. Japanese and Filipino

13. Icelandic and Chinese

14. Brazilian and German

15. Canadian and Chinese

16. German and Turkish

Do you think multiracial people have a supernatural beauty? Do you know any of these people personally?


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3 years ago
You can't hide three things: the Sun, the Moon and the truth. But you sure can hide a comment.

Really beautiful people! I wonder if the half Japanese or Korean people lived in those countries too and I hope they didn't have a hard time


ah kids from Japan for example often bully non full blooded children so half Japanese people have it hard in that society


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