23 Unusual People Whose Looks Are Too Stunning for This World

2 years ago

Beauty standards change so frequently that it is almost impossible to keep track! It turns out that the ideals of beauty not only change over time, but they differ across cultures as well. So why do we want to match up with these mythical beauty standards? Let’s have a look at people whose unusual appearances prove that beauty is something that cannot be measured, compared or evaluated. They show us that beauty is something intangible and precious that we all hold inside.

Here at Bright Side, we’re fascinated by the beauty of these unusual looks and we can’t wait to share them with all of you!

1. What does it mean to be beautiful?

Does it mean perfectly meeting beauty standards?

2. Or looking like someone who is recognized as beautiful?

3. Or does it mean being yourself?

4. Unique...

5. Individual...

6. Confident...

7. Can we really measure beauty?

8. Is it something that lies on the surface?

9. Beauty is in the eyes...

10. Beauty is something intangible...

11. Fragile...

12. ...and precious.

13. Don’t let stereotypes...

14. ...and other people’s opinions lower your confidence.

15. Believe in yourself...

16. Aim high...

17. Be brave...

18. Pursue your goals...

19. ...and make your dreams come true!

Whose appearance amazed you most? Have you ever seen a person with such extraordinary beauty? Feel free to share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!


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I like all of them including the ones with vitiligo (white patches), albinism (white hair and skin) and heterochromia (different coloured eyes)


16 reminds me of rainbow high shadow high


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