18 People Reveal Their Loved Ones’ Weird Habits

4 years ago

We can’t hide from the truth and have to admit that everyone has their own quirks. It’s just that some people have more of them, while others don’t show them as much. For example, there are people who don’t eat pancake “crusts,” who store sugar in “tea” boxes, or who don’t remove the plastic protector from their devices for years. And if their loved ones aren’t happy about their habits, they try to change them. But sometimes it’s easier just to let it go and share these weird habits with the world.

We at Bright Side also believe that sometimes it’s better to ignore a situation and keep on smiling as if nothing weird has happened. People like putting food on their keyboard, so what? But some quirks, like the one with the knife in the drying rack, should be paid attention to!

“My husband doesn’t want the case to get scratched because it’ll make him nervous.”

“My brother sets a new alarm every night.”

“How my girlfriend opens the bread”

“My dad likes to take a small bite out of all the cookies and then put them back.”

“How my girlfriend watches TV”

“This is how my mom puts the knives away in the drying rack.”

“My girlfriend doesn’t eat the ends of her fries.”

Some people eat only fish and ignore the rest of the sushi ingredients.

“How my dad puts away the silverware”

“This is how my fiancée ate her pizza when we visited Naples. It happened the day after we got engaged. Should I call it off?”

“My friend’s desktop background”

“This is my family.”

“I found this in my kitchen and I guess I’m divorcing my wife.”

“My boss is physically incapable of pointing at the screen without touching it.”

“My girlfriend refuses to eat the ’crust’ off a pancake.”

“My dad watches TV with the menu up.”

“How my girlfriend used our stick of butter”

“My dad has had this laptop for 4 years and he’s still refusing to take the plastic protector off.”

Have you ever noticed your loved ones or colleagues doing weird things like these?

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Omg boyfriend also puts those alarms and I just told him, so he denied.. and I grabbed his phone and scrolled to point out all the double ones ?


the tv watching one reminds me of my mother in law! She would watch tv while following a series on her laptop.. that women is something else ?


Can't believe that girl that doesn't eat the end of the fries! That's the best part! Come on!!


My daughter puts away the silverware worst than that! I can't with her sometimes! It freaks me out ??


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