16 Design Ideas That Are Both Crazy and Genius

year ago

You can decorate your apartment by yourself or ask a designer to create something special. Fantasy can be limitless and numerous weird design solutions can prove to be genius and even practical. In this article, you’ll find creative design ideas that can make any place look like one-of-a-kind.

Bright Side found 16 pictures that prove design ideas can be crazy and genius at the same time.

1. Egg couch — enjoy your seat.

2. A very appetizing piece of furniture

3. Just a little bit of fear to be more productive

4. A weird but smart solution to keep a house warm

5. Bingo!

6. Business meetings can be fun.

7. Would you get this in your place?

8. Bubble bathroom — your kids will love it.

9. “I feel a bit dizzy...”

10. We can’t decide if this carpet-table is weird or brilliant.

11. This is brilliant!

12. “I want this bed!”

13. A smart idea to prevent people from running in the hall

14. How long did it take to paint this?

15. Bon appétit!

16. Somewhere in Wonderland...

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